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Member since: February 24, 2010
Last visit: October 11, 2010
Name: Joon W.
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Location: Erfurt (Thruringia)
Country: Germany
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category: Music | September 29 | @590 | comments comments(0)

I' am happy and proud to be here! Have a nice week @JOON


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Me again :)

Me again :)

Published on: 09/29/2010

Me :)

Me :)

Published on: 09/29/2010

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10/10/10 @933
Musician at heart :)

The Song "You know" in the video is one of the 12 Basic Songs for my Project "Musician at Heart" and you'll find this song on my 2010 Album "Green Boots".

What is the Project " Musicians at Heart"?

The idea behind this project is very simply but it is maybe hard to realize.
2 years ago as i was a 16years old girlie, i wrote a song for a project (" in my name";) of "Will i. am". Source: ( wrote-her-own-song-called-take )I don't know if William recognized my work personally at this time, but in the blog of his project i saw a notice about my song.I started to think about, what would be...if William would play this "In my name" -project song together with me? I also asked me, how will it sounds if William give my song his own note?

2 years later-in the year 2010 Debut Album "Green Boots" is released.

I wrote 12 different songs for the Album "Green Boots" and addicted each of the 12 songs to different artists and bands.I believe, that each musician can only be a true musician if he do it from the bottom of his heart.

Because of this, i believe ..that two musicians can play together no matter how famous or rich one of them is!

This is, what my project "Musician at Heart" is about!

I recorded the songs on my Album "Green Boots" in a Basic Version, with a small amount of instruments. This kind of recording left space for creativity. Now other musicians will have enough room for their own ideas, if I re-record the songs with them as a single version.

Here is a list with the addicted musicians and bands:

1. Song:"Lights"=Coldplay 2. Song:"You know"= WILL I. AM 3. Song:"To Late" = Pink 4. Song:"Doesn't matter" = U2 5. Song:"Time to go" = Tracy Chapman 6. Song:"Beijing" = Ziggy Marley 7. Song:"Shadow" = Yusuf Islam 8. Song:"Lazy" = Tom Jones 9. Song:"Radio Song" = Aretha Franklin 10. Song:"Giraffe" = Lady Gaga 11. Song:"Las Vegas" = Bruce Springsteen 12. Song:"A Dolphin's Story" = David Garrett

I would spend 50% of the incoming money to "non-commercial" organizations.

For example, organizations which give poor people a chance to be a musician. (Money for Music-Instruments, Teacher, Buildings, and other needed stuff)
09/29/10 @807
Please leave me a comment!

@JOON :)

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